Darkour - Dust, Light Bulbs, and Animation


I added particle effects for when the player runs, jumps, lands, and slides on walls. This is done to make the controls "feel" good.

Light bulbs?

Light bulbs have been added as an additional challenge for those who want it. As of this post, they don't do anything other than give the player bragging rights, but I could use them for something.


As I promised, I finally added character art to the game! Big thanks to Angie Pelina for doing this!

Any other updates?

  • The UI got a big overhaul.
  • There is now main menu music.
  • There is now a Time Trial mode where you can set a limited amount of lives.
  • There are now game statistics to keep track of total play time, death count, and number of light bulbs collected.


Darkour (Windows Build).zip 40 MB
Mar 16, 2019
Darkour (Linux Build).zip 57 MB
Mar 16, 2019
Darkour (Mac Build).zip 48 MB
Mar 16, 2019

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