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After the ruler of your kingdom is murdered by The Evil King, it becomes the mission of you, the assassin, to avenge his death. The members of The Evil King’s royal guard are capable of both seeing and hearing you, meaning that you need to use stealth in order to avoid detection. Your mission, far from trivial, requires use of the myriad of gadgets available to you, including disguises, silent shoes that mute your running, and coins to cause distractions.

Created for CSC 371 (Game Design).


  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left Shift: Run
  • Z: Pick up / Drop Item
  • X: Use Item

Created By:

Daniel Anderson
Michael Cantrell
Brian Egana
Alex Hua
Mitchell Keller

Source Code


Install instructions

To run the game, unzip the file, click the folder, and run the executable.


The Mission (Windows Build).zip 53 MB

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