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The weight of the world is in your hands! In this short game, the player must juggle multiple Earths until the day is over. If the player drops just one planet, the player must try again another day. A special message appears for those who are worthy.

Created as a final project for CPE 471 (Introduction to Computer Graphics).


  • A to hold ball in left hand
  • A + S to throw ball in left hand to the right
  • L to hold ball in right hand
  • L + K to throw ball in right hand to the left
  • R to reset
  • Esc to quit

Source Code


Install instructions


  • CMake
  • Visual Studio


  1. Extract the files into a separate folder.
  2. Navigate into the "RealisticJugglingHD" folder.
  3. Create a "build" folder.
  4. Open CMake, then set the source folder to be the "RealisticJugglingHD" folder and the build folder to be the Create a "build" folder.
  5. Configure, then generate the Visual Studio files.
  6. Open the "realisticJuggling.sln" file with Visual Studio.
  7. Build the program and run.


RealisticJugglingHD.zip 44 MB

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