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Hey Brian! Chuck here from the meetup. I was just trying Darkour again and found it to be a little tedious that you have to "Press A to Retake" and then "Press A to Commence Testing" again every time you die. For someone who dies a lot, like me, this is pretty disruptive to the fluidity of the game. Rather than say "Press A To Commence Testing", I think you should show the title/level identifier of each new level once (when you first enter it) and then fade that out after a second or two. And then, whenever the player dies, just fade the screen to black (or your bg gray color), restart the level, then fade back in (also over the course of 1-2 seconds). Just my two cents, but I think this would make the experience a bit smoother and more enjoyable overall... At least for players who can't ace the game in 10 minutes ;) 

Also, I found the cause of that exploit you discovered. It was just an old piece of code I forgot to remove so it was an easy fix (at least it appears that way for now). Super important though so thank you again for your assistance! 

Hey Chuck, good to see that you were able to fix the exploit easily!

For pressing A to restart and start a level, I can see why it would be disruptive. But, one reason why I put that there is that a few of the levels I made are designed such that if players stand still for too long, they would die from a (slowly enroaching) wall of spikes, or an enemy would move to their position and kill them. Another reason why I chose to have players press A is because I thought that some players would like to look at the level for a few seconds, as well as have a little breathing room after they died several times.

That said, I will consider your feedback! I actually considered a while ago having some sort of fade-out to fade-in transition after death, so it's good to hear another person suggest it and give me a little push to do it.

So, thank you for giving me feedback, and for letting me have the pleasure to play your game! I hope the rest of your game development and your game release goes well!